On the 13 of May the MAD Team visited one of the super popular events in Kyiv – the festival of street food, which could not leave us indifferent as the architects. First of all, I would like to emphasise the importance of the location of Art Factory Platform, which gather creative people, who are ready for the new experiences.

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From an architectural opinion Art Factory Platform is a great ready loft on the area of which it is advantageous to develop the small architectural forms. Street food festival takes place on the background of the old silk manufactory, which was built in the 1950s, but in the mid-1990s it was closed. More than thirty buildings were unoccupied and only were only rented out for the storages. The old factory buildings form a kind of architectural canvas with great possibilities for outlets development. But it is the people and large-scale events such as the Street Food Festival that have breathed life into this place and maintain architectural future. But the main secrets of success of this place are people and public events, which bring life to this place and give a future to it.



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The general style of the festival is a great example of work strategies in daily life. Here we can observe how someone pays a lot of attention, time and effort to the outward, someone just puts a tent without investing visual emotions, someone hangs on the standard stand banners with the well-known brands names, and someone uses proven attributes as carpets and clothesline. Although the main problem for the festival is a product design, where the main landing zone made of a tree can kill the festive mood, beautiful architectural form and excellent service. Organizers have tried to compensate it with the puffs and loungers throughout the festival area, but due to the lack of a table, this zone disposes more to the rest after eating.


Materials and colour

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The most popular materials for decoration of stands are traditional loft materials like wood and metal, which is a very logical choice for relocated constructions. However, the colour solutions of stands and food that may be the best helpers for street restaurateurs in most cases were used clearly not in favour for the food design point. In the design of places that should cause an appetite, the best choice is using natural food colours for the background and more bright colours should be the emphasis, not the background.

One of the most popular colours was a combination of black with the texture of wood, which is mainly associated with the colour of the barrels and more stimulates to drink than to eat. In some sense it is already a cliché in the design of the trade architectural forms.


Attributes of the stands

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We were really happy to see some stands where the place of sale and all of its attributes was an organic expression of the product. When a buyer sees that in this place people paid attention to the design of the tent, appearance of the equipment, staff behaviour and some details like napkins are combined with the product, it is perceived as a guarantee of product’s quality, because each employee puts a part of himself or herself in your food.

Individual praise goes to some stands, which have gone further than the direct association in its design. They offer daily street food much more elegant and filigree than just oysters in the boat and frock and draw the true meaning of the food.

MAD Team will necessary visit the following Festivals of street food and very much hopes that the street restaurateurs continue their way towards improvement of the emotions that they sell together with the food. The scheme is very simple: a product that you sell should be framed with emotions that you give to people.

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See you at the next Street food festival! Make A Difference! Be MAD!

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