Exactly one year ago the founders of MAD Group architects Andrey Bochulya and Mariya Vergezova have cut the ribbon and demonstrated their creation – ZALA. Everything has started with a morning call “Guys, we need an advice on how to organize the working places in the additional office.”

An hour later we have come into the unusual place of the old tram depot and we were really surprised – high ceiling, authentic rusty beams and wonderful view from the window inspired the architects for the endless stream of ideas. We saw an opportunity to create a special project with a club atmosphere dressed with the notes of theatricality, comfortable work space, where the lectures could be broadcasted simultaneously on three screens, models could walk on the podium and a rock band could play on the stage.


As you know, every great project is managed by the great person. Maxim Pozdnyakov has become such a person for ZALA and it was his call that morning. On the same evening we’ve heard: “Guys, I had to go to the training after our conversation, because your idea has sparked me off so much that I cannot calm down for the entire day. And if it is so igniting, it means that we are doing everything right!”

Afterwards we had a lot of brainstorms until the midnight, where we have studied the market, the target audience, selected the tea and made every effort to ensure that this project will surprise everyone.


We began to collect the first compliments starting from the opening. The reviews of the guests during the opening of ZALA became the real praise for us, when the famous architects paid attention to the columns with the words: “They left the columns, which were at the old tram depot and they really fit into the design. Such a great idea!”


Also we have heard many excellent reviews about our author’s development Hive – the mobile table system that can be transformed all the time. The system resembles a honeycomb shape, so we can connect them in the various embodiments. This form of the tables’ arrangement in the workspace looks like a real bee hive and the manager can see that the well-coordinated team works “like bees”. Moreover, a new way of the tables’ arrangement in the workspace can be used for each job event: it is possible to combine them into a single island, put in several rows, and disperse into several separate groups or individual workstations.


After a year of the MAD Group’s work ZALA has become a unique author’s project, where ideas, thoughts, work, rest and a wide variety of entertainment are concentrated. When we worked at the design of the ZALA, we expected that as a result we will get a mobile space that is ready to transform in different ways for the needs of each guest and a free platform for the development and implementation of the bravest architectural ideas. We were very pleased when we saw interest in the eyes of the ZALA-marathon speakers, which was moderated by the MAD Group’s co-founder of Andrey Bochulya, how the team of the ZALA worked in the glass cube, how our design is decorated by the paintings of the famous artists at the events and how enthusiastically guests applauded at the celebration of six months of ZALA, when the architectural group received two awards simultaneously.


MAD Group has presented ZALA with an excellent design cover, and now, as the users of this project, we understand that it has a great potential, and now it all depends on the qualitative content, interesting events and their formats. For us ZALA is one of the successfully realized ideas that lead to our great goal – bringing Ukraine to the architectural and design world scene!

We sincerely believe that soon we will be able to show to the entire world how creative, talented and valuable Ukrainian specialists are. Often it is said that: “The one and only person on the battlefield is not a warrior, but the community is already a force”. And the more communities that unite beautiful and bright ideas exist in Ukraine – the closer we are to our goal!


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