Ideal home decoration for the New Year 2017: MAD Group designer’s opinion

Winter magic is in the air and architectural group MAD Group headed by Andrej Bochulya and Mariia Vergezova are ready for the New Year 2017 party. During the last days before the celebration we are trying to finish everything and usually spend this time in a hurry and chaos. MAD Group has prepared for you some advices on how to decorate your home in a new way and wait for the holidays in a pleasant anticipation.


  1. Spend your time with the loved ones

We believe that the main thing in interior decorating for the holiday is how you will remember your spent time. We are sure that the memories of the family gatherings, cooking Christmas sweets and gift wrapping will give you the warmest feelings for many years. At the same time the perfect combination of colours in the New Year’s compositions will remain only on the photos.

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2. Don’t do too much

Often there can be a situation when you are running around the house with the Christmas decorations in your hands for half an hour and there is silent question in your eyes “Where should I put it?”. The correct answer is − back to the box. New Year’s Eve is a great excuse to get rid of unnecessary things, actions, thoughts, and not to burden yourself and interior with the unnecessary objects.


3. Optimize your budget

Before the New Year’s Eve everyone is trying to finish a long to-do list: buy gifts for loved ones and a holiday outfit for themselves, some food for New Year’s dinner, invite the favourite guests or to buy the tickets to the journey of your dream. Of course, everything that surrounds you in the New Year’s Eve is a huge part of the festive atmosphere − furry Christmas tree, twinkling lights and iridescent toys, but in the pursuit of trendy designer toys do not forget to invest in your own leisure.


4. Be creative

Allow yourself to make all your dreams come true in the New Year’s Eve. Would you like to celebrate the New Year with a Christmas tree on the ceiling, a gala dinner in the bedroom or in the bathroom with bubble bath and oranges? MAD Group does not see any barriers for the implementation of your plan! We are sure that every detail that surrounds you influences your life. Let’s create it for real!


In 2017 MAD Group sincerely wishes everyone to feel the real MADness in all its meanings. We wish you to embody the craziest ideas, to find time for a heartfelt fun with your loved ones and passionate love for everything that surrounds you.

Make A Difference! Be MAD!


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