MAD Group’s opinion about the heart of every home: what functions are carried out by the kitchen in a modern apartment and how the kitchens of MAD Group’s founders Andrej Bochulya and Mariya Vergezova looks like − in the new issue of ID.Interior Design Magazine.

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Andrew Bochulya (MAD Group’s co-founder)


The kitchen is the place where it is important to comply with the ergonomics. But year by year its average size is increasing and also the functions of the kitchen are changing. The new generation of functional furniture transforms kitchen from the place which is made just for cooking into the dining room and even a living room. This trend of open spaces and studios is not new, but it has started precisely with the emergence of powerful hoods in the kitchen and the functionality of the furniture and multiple zones. The kitchen is the main fireplace of an apartment or house, a place, where the family spends the maximum amount of time together. So the most important factors in this zone are comfort and ergonomics. At the same time we should not forget that we live in an era of innovations and something that was new yesterday becomes a mainstream today, so we can talk only about two of the most innovative solutions for the kitchen hoods.

Firstly, we install the hoods into the kitchen bench, so there is no chance for the smells to spread. Secondly, we used the hoods, which engine can be taken out of the room or even home, thus is solves the problem of the noise during a family celebration or a romantic meal in your own kitchen.

The main trend in kitchen design is a non-standard solution for facades and kitchen work-top. The most popular materials are concrete, natural stone, metal and even leather.

My own kitchen became a great base for the creative experimentation. The kitchen is designed in a Scandinavian style and decorated in black, the materials are: natural wood, stone and metal. My family is very sociable so the “raisin” of our kitchen is a peninsula for cutting food, cooking show and drink reception. Also the decoration of my own kitchen becomes a wall, which was painted like a blackboard. I leave wishes for the day to my wife on it, she writes cooking recipes, children draw pictures and friends write their birthday dates.


Maria Vergezova (MAD Group’s co-founder)


Kitchen is the most popular functional area in each apartment, where all family members come together. Today in the process of creation of the individual interior, the client determines the role of the kitchen together with the designer.

This can be restrained bachelor’s kitchen with a breakfast bar for a quick snack with a cup of coffee in the morning; cosy and elegant kitchen and dining room for the entertainment of many guests with a friendly dinner table; and perhaps tech kitchen with a large island, which allows to organize the whole cooking show and open a chef in yourself. In my opinion, individuality is the main trend in the kitchen layout, as well as the entire interior. Each square meter should embody exactly your dreams.

In any case the kitchen always combines several functions (storage of products, cleaning, cooking, and sometimes even washing), it allows you to think and create different scenarios.

In practice I have managed to implement two innovative approaches to organize the kitchen space. The first the kitchen in my practice was the most modern and had the maximum of features and switched on with the help of the sensor. On this kitchen every woman feels like she is a real enchantress when after the wave of her hand the flash lights and hotplate hand turns on, the kitchen hoods switches on and the incredible magic happens.


The second solution for the kitchen was the most feminine: instead of hiding the kitchen elements, we turned them into the perfect female space. Horizontal kitchen hoods were used like a mirror; the engineering lines were hidden by the slate board with a portrait of the mistress and the process of taking care of her continued even with the help of the wash cream standing near the dispenser with the fresh flowers. People are increasingly beginning to appreciate the natural beauty of the materials and therefore natural and environmentally friendly materials came into fashion. While using the natural tree designers are trying to highlight and emphasize the texture of fibres and nodules, especially in conjunction with natural metals and colours – copper, brass, bronze. Also, the beauty and richness of colours, which the nature implemented in the natural stone is always in fashion.


Moreover, one of the modern trends is a transformation! Thus, kitchens-constructors, where you can add or change the modules of shelves, niches, and all sorts of containers and décor, become more and more popular.

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