You do not like the obvious location of the table near the wall and the round shape of the desktop for the placement in the middle of the room seems banal to you? In this case the founders of MAD Group Andrej Bochulya and Mariya Vergezova present their debut creation just for you.


The main idea of Hive table is its unusual geometric shape that imitates the honeycomb grid. This configuration of hexagon allows you to connect the tables for each of the six sides, which perfectly adapts to the functions and features of your spaces.


The big advantage of this form is its mobility − it is possible to use the table not only as a separate element, but also as composition of several products for the teamwork. Hive Table’s desktop is made of ash tree. Its six-centimetre thickness was visually facilitated by using chamfer technique.


In fact, the hexagon was not popular and was not used as a formative figure in none of the previous historical styles. Today usage of this figure in the design sphere becomes more and more popular. This form is perfectly matches with the popular Scandinavian style and is also appropriate in the fusion style.


Everyone can become a happy owner of Hive table at the shop of our friends and partners Home Ideas Supply:

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