On 15-17th of February MAD Group’s founders Andrew and Maria Bochulya Vergezova have visited the international exhibition of furniture, lighting and decor INTERIOR MEBEL 2017 in Kyiv. The main impression of the exhibition is an extraordinary concentration of the new trends and timeless classics, new faces and trusted partners, which sets the whole direction of the market development and motivates to look wider at the usual things.

First of all, it is incredibly pleasant to observe the changes in the approach to the organization of exhibitions and expositions. Manufacturers are increasingly moving away from the demonstrating of the individual objects towards the finished interior presentations. Thus, the customer can at once see what a finished product would look like, and immediately buy a finished interior that saves a huge amount of time and effort spent on the search and selection of all the elements.

For an experienced architect INTERIOR MEBEL 2017 is a real cross-section of the current situation of the market with its problems and goals. Exhibition is a good place for an attentive architect to observe what attracts and inspires people, disturbs and loses relevance and what they are trying to bring to the world openly or secretly.

This trend is also can be seen in the new format of communication between manufacturers and direct buyers. The sense of participation in the exhibition is increasingly moving away from the goal of demonstrating the maximum amount of goods towards the desire to listen to the thoughts and true needs of the customer in the interior and its individual elements.

We would like to emphasize the architectural delight of the customer’s attention to the importance of lighting and decoration in the interior. It is a great tendency that the level of literacy of the customers is growing every year as more and more people realize that “the same shade of the walls” and the flawless look of the wood flooring can look completely different while changing the lighting. Moreover, the lighting, which was presented at the INTERIOR MEBEL 2017, can be considered as a separate piece of art.

An equally important trend is the use of the maximum amount of natural materials in the interior in a non-standard implementation. Wood, stone, leather, fur, silk and other materials increasingly filling the interiors of apartments, country houses, hotels and other public places. Such a desire for the harmony with nature skilfully completed by the latest innovative achievements makes it possible for everyone to bring the ideal house closer.

INTERIOR MEBEL 2017 exhibition became a great boost to the development of the entire market of construction and architecture in Ukraine and the MAD Group’s team expresses gratitude to all the participants for the beauty, which they have shared and the warm atmosphere that stayed during all the days and hours of the exhibition.

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