On April 12-17 one the most awaited events architecture and design − iSaloni 2016 took place. The MAD Group’s co-founder MariaVergezova has just returned from Italy and is very glad to share the latest trends dictated by the show.

Мария Вергезова

In 2016 the exhibition was divided into three event locations − the main expositions were placed in the suburban exhibition pavilion Fiera Milano with area of about 230,000 square meters and a part of the showrooms and art objects were located in the temporary exhibition halls Tortona and Brera in the heart of the city.



The week of ISaloni exhibition was like a little life – the main part of the exhibition in Fierra Milano opened at 10 a.m. and this space became immediately filled with the people who have walked by the numerous pavilions from all the sides. Guests were trying to responsibly sort out in their heads all the trends of the world’s leading furniture industry, take pictures of the most interesting objects at the central alley, after that they reluctantly leave a location near 18. Later the event moves to the city centre and is only gaining momentum as all the guests are interested to move to the new locations Brera and Tortona, where the most heated discussions and fun starts immediately and does not end until the late night. The city lives together with the design trends: the incredible architecture of Milan, decorated with the flags of Milan Design Week on posters, house doors, windows, entrances to alleys and famous Italian courtyards. Everyone can get into the most incredible and interesting places just walking around the city. You can accidentally find art installation of the famous studio with elegant furniture just on the streets, decorated hall by famous furniture factory or just an incredible party with amazing people.

MAD Group has identified four major trends that we could pry at ISaloni 2016.


Design of the sunrise

The whole exhibition in its colours reminded the tenderness of the sky during the sunrise because of the usage of the main colours of 2016 according to the world leader in work with colours Pantone –it is13-1520 Rose Quartz and 15-3919 Serenity.



Such a balance of the trendiest colours in this combination creates an atmosphere of relaxation and a week in such framing could become a real anti-stress for many designers. Moreover, all the colours in the interior were really natural. For example, if you enter to the Green Pavilion you would feel like you are in the real jungles, surrounded by all tones of moss, grass, greenery and trees.


Fusion at its zenith

The combination of non-standard items, materials and textures has reached its peak in 2016. The presented design objects differed by colour, texture and forms as much as possible. On the example of a panel made by Sicis company we can assess the maximum contrast of the materials. Cold mirror and glass crystals are effectively underlined by the natural fur of a soft pearly shade.



Furniture as a sketch

The furniture in the black borders, which is inscribed in a black frame and its accentuated contours, reminded a sketch of artist became incredibly popular.


This design is especially beautiful in trendy shapes of the kitchens and in rounding corners at 45 degrees. The most popular types of marble, which was used in the furniture, became Calacatta and Silver Wave.

скругленные детали в мебели - павильйон Satelite


Exquisite evening of classic

In 2016 the pavilion of classic design impressed us with its sophistication. We are extremely pleased that the classic has moved from the usage of the abundance with the gold monograms to exquisite expensive materials and in the result it looks really prestigious, precious and beautiful. The focus is on the elegant combination of the difficult constructions with the valuable materials like pearl, natural stone, inlay and others.



Today gold is a confident synonymous of such an exquisite status brands like Fendi, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Boca do Lobo, and also Eichholtz from Restoration Hardware has picked up the “gold fever”.







We hope that our journey has also inspired you to make the bravest decisions in harmony with the latest trends from Milan. Make A Difference! Be MAD!

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