In 2014 MAD Group has started to implement a very ambitious project. We had to create a design for a completely new and modern TV channel 112, which would looked up to the best news of colleagues in Europe and the US – BBC, CNN and others, from the very first moment of its work.

The interior concept has united every corner of the workspace in a real film set. The rails for the movement of cameras are placed all over the ceiling of the room and every journalist can quickly make a comment or take part in the discussion without leaving the workplace.


Functionally, the entire space is divided into three zones: the studio for TV presenters work and communication with esters guests, workspace, which can be seen during the assemblies and each viewer can look into the dynamic world of journalism, and see how the online news are created and also rooms for the make-up artist, sound engineer, director and others. Design of the workspaces was made in the corporate colours of the news channels – blue and red, and the openness of the channel for each viewer was emphasized by fenestration.


Our tasks was to create several scenarios for shooting in different formats, thanks to that the cosy area with a wooden library appeared in the studio, a mobile shooting area for journalists with a green emphasis – vertical landscaping with automatic water distribution system from the ZinCO company and a conference hall for live broadcasts with the participation of TV-channel’s’ guests. The furniture in the interior is made according to the author’s sketches of Ukrainian manufacturer architects.

Channel 112 is actively working for 3 years and for the MAD Group it is a great responsibility and a reason to be proud that millions of people can see the results of our work every day!

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